The Midwives

The Midwives

Pacific Community Midwives is comprised of three independent licensed midwives:

Kelly Olmstead, LM, CPM       Nancy Greenwood, LM, CPM       Tari Neill, LM, CPM

We provide high-quality care to women planning to birth at home. We follow the Midwives Model of Care in our approach to maternity and birth. This means we honor the natural process of pregnancy and birth, while monitoring the health of the mother and baby, personalizing care, and providing continuous support in labor. It’s important to note that, though we are homebirth midwives, we offer the same state-of-the-art testing, clinical schedule, and evaluations found in hospital-based care.  We pride ourselves on staying current on best practices in maternity care. We offer informed consent and informed refusal, providing non-biased information about risks and benefits of various choices as you make decisions about your care.

Each prenatal visit lasts an hour, allowing time to answer your questions and to provide you with education on many topics. Perhaps the most important aspect is continuity of care. You select your primary midwife and build a relationship with her. You will also get to know another one of us (maybe both) during your pregnancy, at prenatals. You may see one of the other midwives at your birth, alongside your primary midwife, and might see her for a prenatal if your midwife is sleeping after a birth. You benefit from our combined 34+ years of midwifery experience (and 1500 births!), while maintaining a close relationship with your primary midwife.

This style of care contributes to low cesarean rates, high breastfeeding success rates, and overall satisfaction with the birth experience, while providing excellent overall outcomes. We’ve created a handy chart to show how we are similar to–and different from–hospital-based care.

Having attended many births together, clients benefit from our experience with and trust in one another. Check out what Clients Say for more. Our practice styles are similar. We know when to be hands off, when to recommend a change, and when to act quickly for safety.

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Kelly and Tari go together like peanut butter and jelly! They were calm, loving, professional and steady. We experienced a very positive and satisfying birth with them on our team, and I was able to marinate in my bliss bubble for a long time. ~Fifi, Gary & Akoa

Bliss Bubble

I felt so lucky to have the midwife super team of Kelly and Nancy at my home birth. They were both supportive and attentive, it really made me feel at ease, and the whole experience was absolutely wonderful. Their expertise is beyond compare!  ~~Caitlin

Beyond Compare