We believe in creating community! You can be part of fun activities, workshops, and gatherings if you wish. Feel free to invite your other pregnant and new parent friends. We’re nothing if not inclusive.

We love to set up new friend dates. Because we know so many families, we can hook you up with like minded peeps. We’re also building connections amongst the partners, so they can commiserate about not getting any decent pillows and how their biceps were so sore after pressing on your hips in labor.


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Second, as midwives we meet regularly to review research on maternity and newborn care and pride ourselves on being current on best practices. We take continuing education together so we can discuss how best to implement new information into our practices. We aren’t just fellow midwives, but a community of midwives intentionally practicing in a similar way, while maintaining what makes us each unique (hint: it’s our sparkling personalities). This means you can feel comfortable if you find yourself at a prenatal with your non-primary midwife because she’s dozing after a birth.


We regularly participate in Your Future Is Our Business, which holds career fairs in local high schools. Inspiring young people to consider a health profession, midwifery or other, is important to us.

We are also politically active, both locally and statewide, as we work to ensure access to care and improving outcomes for mothers and babies. From rallying local hospitals to keep important services to lobbying at the capitol, we’re on it.

Finally, there is a move in midwifery to use “community birth” as a way to describe “home and birth center births.” While we offer homebirth (and the occasional hotel birth!), midwives who practice in birth centers share many of the same concerns and challenges we do. “Community birth” allows that sisterhood to shine.

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