KellyAn Iowa native, I’ve been in Santa Cruz for 17 years and practicing as a midwife here since 2010. I am married to “mid-husband” Mike and we have three awesome kids (two who babysit when they’re home from college!). When not taking care of families having a new baby, I can be seen riding my bike around Pleasure Point, suffering through hot yoga at Pure Power Yoga, walking our dogs, Clyde and Buffy.

My particular passion in maternity care is informed choice and informed refusal. Women need to understand the options they have and the risks and benefits of various choices. Having worked intimately with pregnant families for many years, I know that there is no one cookie cutter “right” choice for everyone. I love being able to offer the type of care that takes the time to educate women about their options when it comes to pregnancy and birth. I also love attending births!

Besides my yearly childbirth education class at a local junior high during their sex education curriculum, I have taken part in career fairs and panels with Your Future Is Our Business.

Kelly visits state legislators with the President of CALM.

I like to stay politically active when it comes to midwifery and women’s rights to make their own autonomous decisions about the care they seek in pregnancy. I go to Sacramento to meet with legislators with the California Association of Licensed Midwives President (I’m her arm candy, to be honest), regularly attend Midwifery Advisory Council meetings, and inform my clients and colleagues to make phone calls to encourage legislators to improve our licensing laws. I was the California Association of Midwives region co-rep 2012-2014. Prior to that I served on the Board of Birth Network of Santa Cruz County for several years.

Peace on Earth begins with birth, but it sure takes a lot of political activity to protect and improve it.

My website is here.  Please note that I am currently on sabbatical and not taking clients.

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