NancyIncredibly blessed to have attended over 680 families on their childbirth journey over the last 27 years, I have gathered a great deal of experience, witnessing and guiding people through pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. The grace, dignity and strength women find to give birth never ceases to amaze me. Women and their birth experiences have been my teachers as much as I have guided and taught them. I believe that honoring women, their choices and the birth process leads to better birth experiences as well as excellent outcomes.

I offer care informed by the best quality current evidence, balanced with your specific needs, values and desires. We do this through education, discussion and informed choice and refusal. Birth is powerful. It can be transformative, empowering, magical. My goal is for you to have the birth you dream of, in the context of the best quality and safest possible midwifery care. Take a peek at my website here.

Like many, I came to midwifery from my own birth experience. Between the the birth of my first child in a small rural hospital in Québec in 1988, and the birth of my second daughter at home attended by midwives in 1993, I began attending home births as an apprentice. Once midwifery was legalized, I earned a 4 year Bachelor of Health Sciences, Midwifery, (the world’s first university-level direct entry midwifery program), from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada (1997) with distinction. I recently completed the U.S. National Midwifery Institute certificate program in order to qualify for my California license. I have attended births at home, birth center and hospital in Canada, The Netherlands and the United States. But my heart has always been at home!

A life-long Canadian, I came to Santa Cruz in late 2014 for love. I am delighted to find myself working with a solid and collaborative community of midwives, doulas, acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors and other care providers.

The political side of midwifery is also something I enjoy. I am involved in midwifery at the local and state level, and regularly go to Sacramento to support the work of the California Association of Licensed Midwives. Midwifery care in California is currently at a crossroads where political action is crucial to maintain current options, change restrictive regulations and increase women’s choices. You may also find me teaching prenatal yoga or attending classes at Luma Yoga and Family Center, continuing to learn to kitesurf, at the movies, or walking the beach .

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