After her first child was born in 1997, Tari began attending women at birth and educating them on the empowering and sacred experience of pregnancy and childbirth.  Her passion for birth has led her to achieve a Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator certification, and also a perinatal yoga and infant massage instructor certification.   As an Instructor and Educator at Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts, Tari created a comprehensive Doula training and a prenatal massage curriculum.
     In 2006, Tari enrolled in National Midwifery Institute to pursue licensure as a Midwife.  In August 2011, she passed her NARM midwifery exam and currently holds California Licensure #322. Her midwifery clinical training was based in Santa Cruz, apprenticing with several local homebirth Midwives.  In addition, Tari has traveled to El Paso, Texas, to work in a high-volume birth center and to the Dominican Republic to serve women in pregnancy and birth.
      Tari is involved with many community volunteer projects and is a strong supporter in keeping VBAC available in Santa Cruz County.  She co-founded the Santa Cruz County chapter of ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network), helped to form a local Doula group, and was a long-time volunteer for Nurture, a local organization that provided no-cost doula services.  Tari also helped to create support groups for new families and provides birth information to the community, most recently by way of Birth Santa Cruz (now defunct). Tari has supported thousands of women and families from pregnancy to parenthood and beyond.
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