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Lindsay Kaljian reviewed Pacific Community Midwives — 5 star

The at-home birth experience with Tari was beautiful – we felt safe, relaxed, and free to be wherever and do whatever felt right. The post-birth contrast with the hospital was amazing – comfy bed, no sleep interruptions, complete control. Tari is amazing, and her years of experience helps worries to vanish so you can focus on your well being and new baby. Postpartum support can’t be emphasized enough – breastfeeding support, help with … delicate issues, etc. 🙂 Recommended without reservation.


Facebook Reviews

Kelly and Tari go together like peanut butter and jelly! They were calm, loving, professional and steady. We experienced a very positive and satisfying birth with them on our team, and I was able to marinate in my bliss bubble for a long time. ~Fifi, Gary & Akoa

Bliss Bubble

I felt so lucky to have the midwife super team of Kelly and Nancy at my home birth. They were both supportive and attentive, it really made me feel at ease, and the whole experience was absolutely wonderful. Their expertise is beyond compare!  ~~Caitlin

Beyond Compare

Kelly and Nancy each bring a wonderful balance of the head and heart- immense knowledge blended with a deep trust of the birthing process. ~~Amanda

Deep Trust

Kelly and Nancy are a great team. I felt well educated, cared for, held and empowered all the way through my pregnancy, birth and postpartum. They worked synergistically, and have complimentary styles of communication. I loved the care they provided. ~~Rebecca


Nancy and Kelly are an ideal team. They clearly respect one another and that harmony flows into their care. I loved having them both at the birth of our daughter. ~~Jenn

Ideal Team

Tari and Kelly were my “Dream Team” at the birth of my daughter. Tari had a wonderfully kind and calm sense to her that complimented all of Kelly’s work perfectly. I knew we were in excellent hands with them by our side. ~Sarah

Dream Team